” Cirebon The Central Of Moslem “


Saya Chandra Sugiharto Founder Station Design, Kami sangat membutuhkan beberapa orang yang akan support pada Diantara lain :
1. Concept Design Planner :
Description Job:
Created brand Icon Logo @comic
Design coverpage sosmed
Design image for IG
Design image content for sosmed
Design image for ads

2. Programmer
Description Job:
* Familiar with Website Builder E Commerce
* Sricpt Website Market Place
* Build Firewall System Payment
* Build System Payment Gateway
* Financial Program Software Marketplace

3. Digital Market Strategy
Description Job:
Direct Selling @comic for Vendor Batik
Input or Output Selection Vendor Batik
Build Digital Campaign
Track Report Sales Product Vendor
Track report traffic

4. Planner Dgital
Description Job:
Created Proposal Digital @comic
Created Values Profit @comic
Created Presentation With Power Point
Created Strategic Market Place
Created Insight Visited
Created Demand Volunteer or Reseller
Created BEP Profit Values @comic

5. Public Relations
Description Job:
Created Link Network with Client
Dealing Investment Client
Maintenance Investment Client Profit Service Area
Daily Report Value Company to Client

Kirimkan Portfolio Anda by email stationdesign@ymail.com atau cantukan no ho what up messeger anda. Kami akan menghubungi asap

Quick Respon: P: WA -085318955333

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