The Millennial Minute: Carat Research Reveals 4 Distinct Millennial Audiences


Welcome to Millennial Minute, a new series in which our resident Millennial, Alex Rynne, takes a deep dive into trends, research, and everything B2B marketers need to know about this increasingly powerful and influential buying group. This week’s post covers the newly released Millennial research Carat shared during its session, ‘The Millennial Disconnect’ at Advertising Week 2015.

There are 85 million Millennials in the United States. If they were their own nation they’d be the 15 most populous nation in the world. This group’s buying power and influence are also on the rise, with a purchasing power of $1 trillion annually. And, with a predicted 3.4 billion connected devices by the end of 2015, there is more opportunity than ever before for this group to influence each other and be influenced. And more of an appetite for insight into this mysterious, yet increasingly connected generation.

Clearly, folks are doing their research:

  • 16 million searches total on the keyword Millennial
  • 137,748 tweets in last 30 days about Millennials
  • 43,764 articles written about Millennials

However, it seems highly unlikely that we can group 85 million Americans into a single persona. Clearly, all Millennials do not prefer to consume content in the same manner, with the same intent, on the same platform.

At Advertising Week, Michelle Lynn, EVP, Managing Director, Carat Consumer Insights, and Doug Ray, Carat’s US CEO & Global President, presented new research which revealed that Millennials are not a homogenous audience. The research indicated that since marketers’ current strategies target Millennials as a whole, they’re only reaching 42% of this stereotypical group. Carat’s actionable findings outline four main types of Millennials: #TrendNetters, #AlterNatives, #LYFPreneurs, and #BetaBlazers.

First, let’s address the Millennial stereotypes, which, Michelle said, “are so overused that we tend to forget that they are actual people”:

  • Connected 24/7
  • Love Celebrity
  • Over-educated
  • Entitled
  • Tend to overshare

Millennials may or may not be some or all of those things. But before you make your own assumptions, read on to discover the research-backed, differentiated Millennial audiences that Carat identified:


Median Age: 27

Social Channel of Choice: Instagram or Facebook

The #TrendNetters, which make up 42% of all Millennials, align most closely to how marketers tend to overgeneralize them. They are digital extroverts, who are easy to find and market to because they are living their lives online.


They tend to be over-educated, impulsive, and are likely to carry debt. They cannot always afford to live their ideal lifestyle but find ways to do so regardless. (For example, they are paying customers of online companies such as Rent The Runway or

Content consumption habits:

They share a lot and curate a lot, but don’t create a lot. They want to be seen as trend setters by being the first to share something. They also have a feedback addiction and thrive off of the peer recognition.


Median Age: 24

Social Channels of Choice: Reddit and Twitter

The #AlterNatives, which make up 23% of all Millennials (consisting mostly of males) are introverts and extremely elusive.


They are the most digital savvy of all of the groups, but don’t necessarily have the best technology. They skew towards middle America and likely come from lower income families. They are not overly optimistic and non-conformist. They tend to have more friends online than in real life and they like it that way.

Content consumption habits:

They actively seek out tech and entertainment, but what makes this group the hardest to understand is its extreme privacy. They are constantly clearing their cookies and using private browsers, which makes it hard to determine what content suits this group. They are also consuming exponentially more video content than the other groups.


Median Age: 28

Social Channel of Choice: Instagram and Pinterest

The #LYFPreneurs, which make up 19% of all Millennials (and consist of mostly females) are extremely ambitious.


They tend to have traditional values, and enjoy a balanced ‘work hard, play hard’ lifestyle.

Content consumption habits:

They are just as digital as the other groups, but they want to be able to ‘turn off’ and prefer to have face to face conversations. They enjoy creating and seeking out new experiences rather than spending time in the digital universe. While price is important to them, personal growth is not measured by money.


Median Age: 25

Social Media of Choice: Twitter

The #BetaBlazers, which make up 16% of Millennials are an extremely forward-thinking group.


For them, knowledge is a big indicator of success. They value fewer, more quality items, friendships, etc. They’re ahead of the curve and are far more global.

Content consumption habits:

They value better, not more content. As mentioned above, they’re all about quality over quantity.

So, what is the one thread that weaves throughout these four differentiating groups? Trust. Millennials are very aware of the data value exchange that occurs online. Trust drives commerce. If you misstep just one time with a Millennial, you may have lost them forever. Furthermore, traditional advertising is declining, while word of mouth continues to be on the rise. Millennials value peer opinion and recommendations over what a brand has to say about themselves.

One of Carat’s main takeaways from the research surrounded the notion of scaling relevance. “We’d rather be on target with thousands of people than be off target with millions of people,” Michelle said.

These subgroups within a generation may be similar, but they also differ in many ways. As marketers, it is our job to understand each group’s mindset, preferences and pain points so we can be first to help them along their buyer’s journey and establish a real connection with them.

For more tips on how to crack the code with Millennials, check out other #AWXII takeaways posts on the the LinkedIn Hub.




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The Hybrid Marketing Syllabus: Learn the Skills You Need to Succeed at B2B Marketing



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Activation Workshop The Focus


Dengan Hormat,

Sebelumnya kami ucapkan terima kasih atas waktu dan kesempatan yang diberikan.

Bersama ini kami dari The Focus Management ingin memperkenalkan diri bahwa perusahaan kami bergerak dalam bidang Training Motivasi and Leadership with THE FOCUS

Dan dalam kesempatan ini kami ingin mengajukan Penawaran InHouse Training sebagai Pengembangan Sumber Daya .

Selain itu kami ingin menawarkan untuk Sebagai Trainer pada Perushaan Bapak / Ibu, Yakni dengan Buku ‘The Focus – 7 Arah Optimalisasi Diri Untuk Menggapai Keseimbangan Hidup

Kami juga dapat membuat dan memberikan masukan creative seperti ide-ide program Sumber Daya Manusia yang berguna untuk kepentingan Perusahaan Anda

Demikian yang dapat disampaikan semoga kami bisa menjalin kerjasama dan menjadi bagian dari visi dan misi dalam berpromosi.

Atas perhatian dan kerjasamanya, kami ucapkan terima kasih.

Hormat Kami,

The Focus Management


The Focus Management as the owner of Motivation Leadership Brands aims to have engaging activities campaign with consumers to increase sales of Office Management



  • To grab mass campaign
  • To create awareness of Business Of Business
  • To increase sales of Target Selling
  • To give education to Employer on differentiation between Goal Target and ClientSlide3Targets
    • Indonesian (Male/Female), 25 – 45 YO, Workers SEC
    • Those who like to hang out with friends on weekend, and fill time with something interesting.
    • Gathered in famous place
    • Open to ideas and new things and do not hesitate to express to something new
    • They want more that what they get
    • Followers à to something that is trendSlide4FactsCurrently peope are more Business with Plane  Slide5Slide6Slide7Slide8Slide9Slide10Slide11Slide12Slide13Slide14Slide15Slide16Slide17Slide18Slide19Slide20Slide21Slide22Slide23Slide25Slide26Slide28Slide29Slide30Slide31Slide33Slide32Slide31Slide32Slide33Slide34Slide35Slide36Slide37Slide38Slide39Slide40

The Focus – 7 Arah Optimalisasi Diri Untuk Menggapai Keseimbangan Hidup

the focus

7 Arah Optimalisasi Diri Untuk Menggapai Keseimbangan Hidup

Cetakan Pertama :Gramedia Pustaka Utama (GPU), Januari 2013 :

Kategori buku Motivasi & Pengembangan Diri

Penulis :Jamaludin El-bima


Buku THE FOCUS, adalah refleksi dari sebuah perjalanan, yang terinspirasi untuk menginspirasi, termotivasi untuk memotivasi, dan mencari manfaat agar mampu memberi manfaat bagi banyak orang dalam kehidupan; itulah sejatinya ia (The Focus) sebuah karya inspirasional yang lahir di tengah kesederhanaan pemikiran, tetapi sarat dengan harapan dan tekad yang kuat untuk selalu menghadirkan persahabatan, menjadikannya penyubur bagi jiwa yang kering, dan senantiasa menjadi pendengar yang cerdas bagi hati yang sering berubah haluan. Sehingga, kelahiran The Focus tak ubahnya merupakan energy dan metamorfosa kehidupan serta manifestasi nyata laksana seorang sahabat, rekan sejalan, mitra berkolaborasi, serta professional yang selalu setia mendampingi kita dalam bentuk motivasi, dan dorongan yang dahsyat untuk selalu terakselerasi dalam mencapai puncak kesuksesan sejati.Esensi Fokus adalah, “Bagian yang paling jelas dan gamblang atau bagian yang paling hidup dari satu pengalaman “.

The Focus, juga menjadi energy pengingat bagi kita terutama pada 7 (tujuh) arah optimalisasi diri dalam kehidupan nyata ini agar supaya menjadi lebih jelas dan seimbang. Optimalisasi diri, menjadi sangat utama agar Fokus kita tidak berubah haluan. Keseimbangan hidup menjadi lebih bermakna, manakala kita mampu memberikan pemahaman yang benar tentang kekuatan ‘arah’ yang akan ditempuh. Kekuatan untuk tetap Fokus adalah Prioritas & Konsentrasi, sebagaimana seorang ahli mengatakan bahwa; “Orang yang mengetahui Prioritas yang harus dikerjakan tetapi kurang Konsentrasi, hanya tahu apa yang harus dikerjakan tetapi tidak pernah bisa menyelesaikan. Jika ia memiliki daya Konsentrasi tetapi tidak ada Prioritas maka ia memiliki keunggulan tanpa kemajuan,Tetapi jika ia menggunakan keduanya ia berpotensi mencapai hal-hal Besar“. “Semakinkitafokuspadavisikita, semakinbanyakenergi yang akan dihasilkan ; semakin kita kurang fokus maka akan semakin kurang juga energi yang dihasilkan, dan niat kita semakin berkurang untuk menciptakan hasilnya”.

Ke-7arah yang dioptimalkanuntukmencapaikeseimbanganhidupini, adalahlingkup yang telah, sedang, danakandijalanisepanjangrentangkehidupankita, yaitusebagaiberikut ;

  1. Fokus pada Keluarga, The Focus of Attention to Family
  2. Fokus pada Kesempatan, The Focus of Attention to Opportunity
  3. Fokus pada Karir, The Focus of Attention to Career
  4. Fokus pada Persatuan, The Focus of Attention to Unity
  5. Fokus pada Diri, The Focus of Attention to Self
  6. Fokus pada Pendidikan, The Focus of Attention to Study
  7. Fokus pada Sukses, The Focus of Attention to Success

1.The Focus of Attention to Family

Fokus kita pada Keluarga adalah, manakala kita mampu member makna tertinggi bagi tugas-tugas perkembangan dalam rentang kehidupan yang dijalani, melalui peran-peran yang dijalankan baik sebagai anak maupun orang tua dalam upaya mencapai tujuan yang diharapkan. Dialog dalam Kisah antara seorang “anak dengan pohon apel” adalah pesan moral yang sangat tepat antara anak dengan orang tua (ayah-bunda) nya. Inilah fokus tertinggi, dan sejatinya dalam fokus pada Keluarga, sehingga dengan begitu kita memiliki energi yang kuat untuk selalu memberikan yang terbaik bagi orang-orang yang kita cintai dan sayangi.

2.The Focus of Attention to Opportunity

Fokus kita pada “Kesempatan” adalah, bagaimana upaya untuk tidak terlena pada “zona nyaman/ comfort zone” dan berupaya untuk selalu “bergerak/motion” dalam meraih kesempatan untuk mencapai kesuksesan sejati. Kisah “2 Sastrawan Francis yang dipenjarakan” pada pra-revolusi Francis tahun 1798, mengajarkan kita pada kekuatan Fokus untuk tetap optimis dalam hidup.Kisah gadis cilik berusia 13 tahun “Gitta Sasha Chantika” yang terkena kanker ganas dan belum ditemukan obatnya, telah 25 kali di kemoterapi di usia yang sangat muda; tetapi Fokus ia pada ketegaran jiwanya mampu melewati kesulitandan rasa sakit luar biasa, walupun akhirnya ia meninggal dunia. Kisahd alam “Puisi tradisional Afrika” merefleksikan bahwa Fokus pada “hari ini” sebagai sebuah kesempatan yang menjadikan seekor Singa yang kuat dan Rusay ang lemah dapat bertahan hidup. Fokus pada Kesempatan memudahkan kita membuka pintu-pintu yang tertutup rapat karena di dalamnya; ada motivasi, ada keberanian, selalu menjawabnya dengan ‘sekarang’, serta tidak menampilkan diri dalam situasi yang sempurna.

3.The Focus of Attention to Career

Fokus kita pada Karir adalah, bagaimana upaya mencapai suatu karir itu dengan memahami secara benar akan hal-hal apa sajayang dapat ditempuh dalam menyesuaikan diri pada pekerjaan, serta faktor-faktor yang menyebabkan kegagalan dalam pencapaiannya. Kisah inspiratif dari Lance Armstrong (pembalap sepeda juara 7 kali tour de Franc), setelah ia di vonis lumpuh oleh dokter dan tidak akan mampu berkarir lagi di dunia balap sepeda tersebut telah mengguncang dan meruntuhkan jiwanya, tetapi dengan Fokus dan konsentrasi untuk melatih kekuatan fisik, akhirnya ia sembuh dan kembali berlomba balap sepeda serta menjadi juara yang ke delapan kalinya. Hal ini mengajarkan pada kita bagaimana sejatinya yang dilakukan untuk mampu menghadapi tantangan dalamkarir. Kisah “Garam Kehidupan”, sangat memotivasi dan menginspirasi kita tentang bagaimana luasnya hati (ikhlas) ketika kita menerima beban dan kesulitan dalam hidup, sehingga beban yang dirasakan akan terasa lebih ringan, dan tidak mudah menyerah, putus asa, serta frustrasi, tetapi sebaliknya membuat kita semakin kuat.

4.The Focus of Attention to Unity

Fokus kita pada Persatuan adalah,bagaimana kita mampu memahami tentang hal-hal apa saja yang penting dibutuhkan dalam tim kerja (teamwork). Esensi Fokus pada Persatuan (unity) ini dapat digambarkan dalam Kisah ‘Terdampar di Bulan” dan kisah tersebut disajikan dalam bentuk Diskusi Kelompok dengan suasana yang terjadi di Ruang Angkasa, sehingga dituntut kerjasama tim yang baik dan akan tampak jelas tentang ; apa yang dirasakan, bagaimana mengambil keputusan, mengapa keputusan itu dilakukan, kapan keputusan itu dijalankan, serta siapakah yang menjalankannya

5.The Focus of Attention to Self

Fokus kita pada Diri adalah,bagaimana kita mampu mengenali kelebihan (strength) dan kelemahan (weakness) diri masing-masing, serta memahami tentang sifat-sifat Diri, sehingga menjadi Fokus dalam mencapai tujuannya. Kisah “Air Mendidih” dan Kisah “Seorang Pemuda dan Para Pemancing” mengajarkan tentang bagaimana sang Diri mampu bertahan dan kuat dalam menghadapi setiap tantangan, dan cobaan hidup, sehingga ia mampu Fokus pada kekuatan dirinya dan berhasil dengan sukses.Diskusi kelompok “Burn your Identity” mampu menggali potensi kita untuk tetap Fokus pada kekuatan diri.


6.The Focus of Attention to Study

Fokus kita pada Pendidikan adalah, bahwa pendidikan sejatinya memiliki nilai lebih dalam kehidupan seseorang. Belajar sebagai bagian dalam dunia pendidikan dapat menjadi “warisan” dan bekal kita “sepanjang hayat” sepanjang perjalanan seseorang. Kisah “Dua Pemancing Yang Hebat” menjadi pelajaran berharga bagi kita, bahwa proses belajar yang diamalkan pada orang lain akan memberikan hasil yang berlipat/ ganda. Kisah “Imam Yang Smart” sebagai contoh dimana proses belajar yang dilakukan seseorang sungguh sangat tergantung pada orang tersebut, walaupun dalam kekurangan dan ketiadaan fasilitas bukan menjadi halangan untuk maju dan berprestasi, tetapi ia tetap melakukannya dengan penuh semangat, dan hasilnya akan sangat luar biasa.

7.The Focus of Attention to Success

Fokus kita pada Sukses adalah, bahwa Fokus pada Kesuksesan dan Kebahagiaan itu tidaklah sama sebagaimana terungkap dalam Kisah “Keluarga Petani”, bahwa seringkali kesuksesan dimaknai secara keliru yaitu dengan banyaknya materi dan harta kekayaan sesorang, tanpa melihat makna kebahagiaan di dalamnya, yang terpenting adalah kemampuan kita dalam menerima dengan penuh rasa syukur apa yang telah kita miliki dan telah diusahakan secara optimal. Sukses juga dipandang sebagai sebuah proses bukanlah hasil akhir. Sukses sejati dapat diraih melalui 4 hal penting yaitu : Relationship, Equipping, Attitude, dan Leadership. Kisah ksesuksesan Presiden Amerika Serikat ke-16 “Abraham Lincoln”,menjadi inspirasi bahwa kesuksesan dapat diraih melalui sebuah proses dan kegagalan yang bertubi-tubi bukanlah kendala untuk meraih kesuksesan.

Portofolio Photografer Wedding


Your wedding is an adventure!

A once in a lifetime event spent with the most meaningful people in your life.

As our client you will receive photographs artfully created just for YOU, to remind you of this first step on your amazing journey as a couple.

You will feel overcome with a sense of excitement and love for these experiences each time you see your wedding photographs.

You could own images of your journey together just like these.


Pre wedding photos are now mandatory for the greetings like who is getting married. Not just for display at the invitation but also for display at the gallery of weddings and a couple personal memories. In order to look more beautiful memories, definitely want to Wedding Photo different than the others right?! You can try the following ideas ….


What the hobbies and interests you both. For example if you are traveling hobby, photography can be done in a place that had been visited and the most memorable and not just at Studio Wedding only. Can a store special memories such as when he first applied for you.


Taking from this idea okay too you know! For example, if you work as an architect, background of the photo (Studio Photography) can be a building that is you build or construction of a building. With the concept of a mature and pose a unique, definite results were also other than the other.


Pre Wedding photos you can be a journey of love you both. If you love both originated from a same campus, shooting could be taken with the background of your campus, complete with a dress you like before when it still holds the status of students. You can remember the most wonderful memories when you first meet your spouse as a pose. Guaranteed fun! But you should be confident because that is sure to get a feel for the campus, of course, photography (Photography Studio) is done on a weekday where tuition runs. You are challenged?!


Many places are charging expensive photo shoot? Do not worry, it’s not an obstacle to obtain pre wedding photos (Wedding Photo) is unique. Try to remember your favorite place and spouse to eat together or just spend time chatting. Do not worry if it’s a small restaurant on the corner of the city. With foresight the photographer and art Wedding Photography as well as your expression, a photo will look storytelling.



Everyday situations can make you love-love style. Spontaneous expression of you and your partner make the images so to speak. The photographer will take a candid so that your expression will be more visible.


Location shooting can be in places that are not normal. For example, in the middle of dense traffic, on the bussway, the market was surprised at night, stop, or even crossing the bridge on the Mall. Photos with this idea is very interesting and requires expertise in the art of Wedding Photography photographer also your courage and your partner to pose and expression in public areas.


Attention to detail is very important if you take this theme for the overall atmosphere at that moment felt. Not only your clothes and your partner, background images and properties that support must be carefully to prepared .

*) Consult your plan in determining the concept & theme Pre wedding photo to our team, Next StationDesign Pro consent We will be happy to assist you in determining the concept & theme of your Pre Wedding

Slide4 Slide5 Slide6


When we started Station Design Photography in the spring of 2004, it was just an idea that came up over a cheap chicken wing dinner one night, outside our local Zehrs supermarket. We had been working together for 6 months as photographers at the Zehrs Portraits Studio, photographing about 20 babies and families a day.

Over and over again the same topic kept on coming up; Wouldn’t it be great if we could pick and choose what we photographed? or who we photographed? We could go anywhere in the world. We could even work for National Geographic! (Well after a little more thought and much research we learned that hiding out in a jungle tree for weeks on end, catching malaria multiple time and facing death everyday was not exactly what we wanted.)

Erica Say ;

Erika has a background in writing, and trained for 14 years as a competitive figure skater. She has written articles for many lifestyle magazines, newspapers and she is the writer of our blog. When she is not taking photos or editing them, she is working on writing a novel about her grandfathers life in world war 2. Anytime you call or email us at Rowell Photography you are talking to Erika. She is the creative director at our company, keeping everyone organized and inspired. Erika is very determined, so much so that last year she spent 6 months learning Ukrainian (also reading and writing in cyrillic) for a 1 week trip to her families homeland. Her goals list is 101 items long with 60 of them checked. Her passion and drive in life keeps everyone around her inspired. She never settles for anything but the best, which is why I know I am so lucky to have her.

Ryan Say :

Ryan has a background in Computer Engineering, and web design. Not only is he a brain, and most of the brains behind Rowell Photography but he also likes getting his hands dirty. He once built an electric guitar from scratch and it worked! A few years ago for a Hospice Simcoe charity drive he stayed awake for 36 hours standing, holding on to a car. He was born and raised in Barrie, Ontario and there isn’t a neighbourhood in this city that he hasn’t lived in. He comes from a big family, and a long line of hard workers with Scottish and British heritage. He is an awesome husband, the guy everyone goes to to solve their technical problems, and the best damn photographer I’ve ever seen.



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We love weddings! Our passion for weddings and photography combined with our relaxed and friendly manner ensure we add to your special day. Booking us means you have one less thing to worry about. We have been in the wedding industry for more than 15 years and are still in this industry because we find weddings exciting and wonderful.

From our initial meeting we try to gauge your personalities so when photographing you we are capturing the real you. We can offer suggestions as to photo opportunities but are also open to any special requests you may have.

Because we take so many photos we tell the whole story of your wedding day. From the nervous smiles before the ceremony to the glow of happiness after the ceremony. The joy of the first time you are announced husband and wife, the first kiss, the laughter during the speeches, the bridal waltz, final goodbyes and leaving the reception.

Once you have booked our services we drive out to where the ceremony is to take place to check out photo opportunities and locations within the vicinity.

Included in some of our packages are the pre-wedding photos. We like to do these at a different location to where your wedding location shots will be done. Doing the pre-wedding photos gives us an opportunity to work with you and the lens to ensure your best features are filmed on your wedding day.

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The Real Question

The old Time challenge and question of whether or not you can effort or budget will stretch to advertise to market has been solved. The Question is now “ can you afford not to form a strategic alliance and partnership with STATIONDESIGN Production When loyalty counts, allow STATIONDESIGN Production to assist you !


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Promotion Event – Wedding Organizer and Photographer

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Kampanye B2B untuk IPO

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Siapa bilang perusahaan B2B (business to business, hanya menjual ke korporasi, bukan ke konsumen) tidak membutuhkan komunikasi massa yang baik? Di bawah ini adalah sebuah contoh komunikasi hubungan investor dari sebuah perusahaan B2B yang sangat menguntungkan dan berhasil membangun posisi sebagai pemimpin dalam industri B2B di Wallstreet.

Pada tahun 1998 perusahaan internet yang ada di Wallstreet hanyalah perusahaan-perusahaan B2C, seperti dan Yahoo. Saat itu masuklah Internet Capital Group (ICG), sebuah perusahaan yang baru berdiri (startup company) bergerak di bidang investasi internet. ICG bersaing dengan permodalan ventura dan menawarkan business model yang baru dan dengan wawasan investasi jangka panjang.

Dari riset yang dilakukan, ditemukan bahwa komunitas pasar modal saat itu belum banyak membahas perusahaan internet dan investasi B2B. Topik ini dapat diambil oleh ICG untuk menjadi pemimpin dalam percakapan B2B. ICG pun menentukan celah ini untuk membangun kepemimpinan dalam kampanye IPO saat itu.

Kampanye IPO saat itu kemudian dikemas dengan berbagai kegiatan. Tugas pertama adalah untuk membangun pemahaman analis dan jurnalis pasar modal mengenai investasi internet. Hal ini dilakukan dengan mengadakan pertemuan dengan para analis dan media sebelum IPO dan setelah IPO untuk menjelaskan posisi ICG dan keunggulannya dibandingkan dengan perusahaan modal ventura yang menjadi pesaingnya.

Untuk menjelaskan business model yang kompleks ICG mempresentasikan dirinya sebagai “GE di dunia internet”. Perbandingan ini ternyata berhasil membangun pemahaman analis dan media, dan membangun posisi kepemimpinan ICG di berbagai tulisan serta laporan yang mereka hasilkan.

Tugas kedua bagi ICG adalah membangun posisi sebagai “thought leader” dalam industri B2B. Mereka melakukan hal ini dengan tampil di media pada berbagai diskusi mengenai B2B, antara lain saat pengumuman penghasilan e-commerce ramai dibicarakan. Para pimpinan ICG juga tampil dalam berbagai konferensi untuk berbicara, menampilkan kepakaran mereka dalam bidang B2B.

Tugas ketiga adalah untuk secara berkala membangun pemahaman dan ketertarikan khalayak sasar terhadap ICG secara umum. Siara pers dibuat dan dikemas serta disebarkan secara berkala ke berbagai media keuangan. Pesan yang disampaikan melalui siaran pers tersebut adalah keberhasilan perusahaan-perusahaan mitra ICG, layanan-layanan yang diberikan, keunggulan business model ICG dibandingkan pesaingnya dan tim manajemen yang berkualitas tinggi.

Berbagai kegiatan ini berhasil menempatkan ICG sebagai “The Best IPO of 1999” (pengakuan dari Wall Street Journal). Berbagai media terkemuka secara regular menulis mengenai ICG secara sangat positif, membangun posisi ICG sebagai perusahaan yang memimpin dan sangat berhasil dalam industri B2B di Wall Street.

Hasil dari kampanye ini luar biasa. ICG berhasil mendapatkan dana $180 juta melalui IPO, memberikan kesempatan berinvestasi di 15 perusahaan yang unggul dalam bidang masing-masing. Berkat kampanye hubungan investor yang baik ICG pun berhasil menarik investasi blue chip termasuk private placement dari AT&T dan Ford Motor Co.

Nah, kalau perusahaan anda adalah perusahaan B2B, ingin memasuki pasar modal, atau sudah ada di pasar modal, kampanye hubungan investor yang efektif sangat penting bagi anda. Semua pengambil keputusan yang ingin anda sasar mengkonsumsi media. Apabila anda berhasil menarik perhatian mereka di media yang mereka baca, anda akan membangun kredibilitas dan kepercayaan para pengambil keputusan tersebut. Pertemuan dengan khalayak sasar anda akan memperkuat kredibilitas tersebut, dan membangun interaksi langsung yang mengarahkan pada tindakan yang anda inginkan. Khalayak sasar anda perlu terus diingatkan, dan tampilan yang berkala sebagai perusahaan yang pakar, kredibel dan unggul sangat dibutuhkan.

Berbagai kegiatan di atas perlu dikombinasi untuk menghasilkan posisi yang anda ingingkan. Dengan strategi pesan yang tepat, perusahaan anda akan siap muncul sebagai pemimpin dalam ranah yang tersedia. Jangan lupa mendasarkan semua stategi tersebut dengan riset, agar komunikasi perusahaan anda efektif dan efisien.


Self-talk is a very determining whether a person will become a good person or not. Which determines whether a person will maintain his health or not. Which determines whether a person has high self-esteem or low. That determines whether someone will be important or even become a loser. And who determines whether a person can thrive and flourish, or simply stand still. Yes, it all comes from self-talk. There will not be any changes, before beginning with the self talk. You’ll never fall in love with someone before you tell yourself “I think I started falling in love with him” or “I think, from now on I loved him”. However, because it is almost never discussed, so that you often do not realize it.

It is a sentence from a wise man who is actually talking about self-talk by implication, the sentence reads “It all depends on the intention”, but very rare people who understand that it is a wise man is self-talk. A person who is doing positive things just because they had to be caused by pressure from his family environment, there will never be a really good / positive. A person who stops using drugs just because of pressure from his family, will never completely stop using drugs. Why is that? Because self talknya may still conflict with the suggestion his family. And for self talknya not change, the person will remain so even though many people with her. That is why hypnosis can not be applied to people who do not want to be hypnotized and do not want to achieve change.

The reader may ask, what good rehab, psychologist, psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, if one can not change as long as someone does not change the self talknya? Now let’s see, how many people who go to psychiatrists because they had to be caused by pressure from his family and eventually still no luck. That is because self talknya not changed. People who can change due to the help of a mental health professional is a person who voluntarily come to a mental health professional to change, because he certainly has a positive self-talk like “I am ready to accept the advice of psychologists who would I go, because he knows better than me , because he’s a science might be able to help me “. And because self talknya so, slowly open his mind to accept suggestions and advice from outside. So that the person unwittingly persuaded to replace the negative self talknya with positive self-talk. If it were so, it is actually a psychiatrist only help strengthen one’s determination to change, with the reasons put forward a logical and reasonable, certainly with the knowledge that it controls so that the person is voluntarily willing to change for the better.
How self talk can affect us so great?

Self-talk can have a huge influence on us, because the self-talk, unnoticed by the overwhelming majority of us, in fact tantamount to mensugesti and program our subconscious, but as the writer suggested from the beginning, the subconscious has influence over we are 9 times more powerful than the conscious mind. Then, how can a person change for the better if self talknya still negative?
How self-talk work?

In more detail, can be explained how self-talk works so gradually that influence our subconscious mind. First, self-talk affects our actions and our actions over time turned into a habit, after the action becomes a habit, after a long time together with the character / nature of you, and after one with your nature, self-talk you start to become reality early in life You, who ultimately makes you believe that your belief is true. And once that happens, you start self talk will be reinforced by new talk of a matching self but more powerful. Then self-talk you will work in stages as in the first cycle but with a more powerful influence. That is so self-talk work affect your self without stopping.

Self-talk -> suggestion -> subconscious -> reality

So, from the above, we can infer what will happen a year from now, if someone has a positive self-talk and conducted continuously? Yes, someone is going to be much more positive than today. In contrast, negative self-talk also works the same way to make ourselves to be very negative. Therefore, the authors remind the reader, as heavy as any problems that you face, do not ever tell yourself negative things, because it will only harm ourselves.
You can not eliminate the negative habits just by replacing them with positive habits, but you can eliminate your negative habits by replacing your negative self talk with positive self-talk. Because your self talk directly influence your actions, and then your actions affect your habits and behavior that may become reality in your life.


  • PACKAGE ALBUM (edit + print + album) PRICE
  • Magazine Album Package 8R Landscape                                     Rp. 2.550.000
  • Magazine Album Package 8RP Landscape                                  Rp. 6.500.000
  • Magazine Album Package 8R Portrait                                            Rp. 7.000.000
  • Magazine Album Package 8RP Portrait                                    Rp. 7.500.000wedding-albums-that-lay-flat-when-open
  • Magazine Album Package 25×30                                                   Rp. 8.000.000easyfill8x12l
  • Magazine Album Package 30×30                                                   Rp. 8.000.000
  • Magazine Album Package 12R Landscape                              Rp. 10.000.000rethink_christarry_03
  • Magazine Album Package 12RP Landscape                           Rp. 10.200.000
  • Album Package 12R magazine Portrait                                     Rp. 13.000.000
  • Magazine Album Package 12R Portrait                                     Rp. 14.000.000

Edit 4R Pose                                                                                                       Rp. 250,000
Edit 4R – 5R – 6R collage                                                                               Rp.  550.000
Edit 8R – 8 R                                                                                                        Rp   600,000
Edit 12R collage                                                                                               Rp.  850.000
Edit Up 12R                                                                                                        Rp.  950.000


1.   Album Standard                                                                                           Rp.    2,500.000
2.   Album Milde East                                                                                         Rp.    2.750.000
Album Western Style                                                                                 Rp.    3.150.000
Hide album Gothic                                                                                      Rp.    4.800.000
Album Excellent Style                                                                                Rp.   5.225.000
Album Product and Compro                                                                 Rp.20.000.000



Album 8R – 8RP                                                                                              Rp.25,000.000rowell-photography-album-and-usb-collectionrowell-photography-hand-made-custom-wood-albums-boxes
Album 12R                                                                                                       Rp.45,000.000



Album 8R – 8R                                                                                                                     Rp.10,500.000
Album 12R                                                                                                                             Rp.20,800.000

Price Album Suitcase bag contents 1 Album Price

1. Album-8R 8R                                                                                                                 Rp.1,250.000
Album 12R                                                                                                                      Rp.2,450.000

* Prices As time may change

Thank you
Home Innovations Design Merchandiser

Contact Person :
Chandra Sugiharto 085318955333
Twitter @mindconsept


  • Shooting Left 1 day, max. 10 hours / day.
  • Additional day be charged Rp. 750.000, – / day.
  • Shooting Locations costs borne by the Client.
  • Shooting Locations in Region Municipality / Distric Jakarta & Bandung area and its surroundings.
  • Shooting Locations can be discussed outside of Jakarta & Bandung area area first.
  • Especially for shooting outside the Territory Bandung, Accommodation Transport borne by the Client.


  • Time Taken for International 1 day Full Time.
  • Time Taken for Traditional (PACKAGE) A maximum of 2 days (Pengajian / Siraman & Akad + Front Desk)
  • Additional day be charged Rp. 750.000, – / day.
  • Shooting Locations in Region Municipality / District. Bandung and its surroundings.
  • Shooting Locations can be discussed outside of Bandung area first.
  • Especially for shooting outside the Territory Jakarta & Bandung Area, Accommodation & Transport borne by the Client.



PUSER BUMI ( Cirebon Nagari )

Puser Bumi ning gunung Djati
Pusat Segara Mulya Bhuana Djati
Siti Mulya Kagungan Ing Jaman Kina
Dodokhane Para Wali lan Petapa

Puser Bumi Ning Gunung Djati
Panggonane Semar Nagamula Ngayomi
Kasunyatan Hyang Ismaya turut hampa
Ing Mayapada saking Tahta Swargaloka

Puser Bumi Puser Bumi
Prasastine Serat Purwa Jagat Sirri
Puser Bumi Puser Bumi
Pangrumpaka Sembah Kaula ing Gusti

Puser Bumi ning Gunung Djati
Petilasan Sang Mursyid Guru Haqiqi
Angababar Wahyu Djati Kanjeng Nabi
Mustakyoni Rosul Wali Insan Kamil

Puser Bumi Puser Bumi
Pancer Simar Marifat Agung Sejati
Awit Akhir Cahya Mulya dalan Bakti
Pitunduh Sespuh dadi dalan Suci

Puser Bumi Puser Bumi
Pinunjuk Nur Cahaya Mulya Caruban Nagari
Panggelaring Dawuh Titah Sobdo Gusti
Pembabaring Piwulang Rahasia Azali

* ( didecated for people of caruban nagari